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ECO-MARA® Non-Profit - Our objective is to raise money for scholarships, environmentally related degrees and certificates, to also enhance anti-poaching efforts by supplying rangers and units with necessary equipment to do their job at the highest level.

Some kids have the desire to go to Universities and excel, but do not have the financial means.  



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The Big Give SA is our annual 24-hour day of giving. An Opportunity for people from 13 countries49 states, and more than 900 cities giving on March 28, 2019.  
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There are many different levels of getting involved and showing support:

1. As any Non-Profit 501(c)(3), we rely on the goodwill, generosity and support of the supporters and donors, we also include the following links, where you can register or link-up as a volunteer, including a few links to different Authorized Donation collection points(GIVE GAB, APLOS, Generosity). Our site was created under a very tight budget, we did the best we could, including most relevant info, regarding pages, to keep it short and to the point, as possible.

2. Visiting our web page or Facebook and periodically returning to check on progress made.

3. Sharing pages like these, that where created for easy sharing with your friends and family, helping us to get the message out there.

4. On this page will also be links to where you can get connected to Eco-Mara, if your willing to volunteer or do  some volunteer service.

5. In Facebook, we also created Scholarships/Anti-poaching to help improve awareness to causes and trying to reach more friends, supporters, volunteers and donors worldwide.

You are invited to join our   and     these links are also in the footer of the page.